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Otto Izakaya: A New Type of Japanese Restaurant in Greenville, SC

Owners of the highly successful Lieu’s Chinese Bistro, Peter Lieu and Doug Yi are proud to announce the opening of their new Japanese restaurant, Otto Izakaya. Based off of the concept of the izakaya—a type of informal restaurant/bar popular in Japan and throughout Asia—Otto Izakaya will feature a mixture of Asian fare and drinks, as well as domestic beer and wine.

Otto Izakaya is located in an 8,400 square foot building. It features two stories. The main floor is home to the central dining area, including an open bar decorated with fine rustic wood and metal. Our loft area offers 2,000 square feet of private dining for parties, corporate events, and more.

Peter Lieu and Doug Yi are seasoned veterans in the restaurant industry. Lieu’s Chinese Bistro has been open for nearly 13 years; Doug and Peter also owned and operated Azia, a classy Asian and sushi restaurant, from 2007–2010. Peter Lieu was inspired to create Otto Izakaya on a recent trip to Japan, where he noticed the popularity of this specific dining venue. Otto Izakaya is one of the first of its kind in the area.

Come stop by Otto Izakaya in Greenville, SC and enjoy a new type of dining experience today.

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